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How to calculate your hourly rate

The info graphic below will walk you through the steps to calculate your hourly rate. You can then include this figure in your costings when pricing your products. Your hourly rate is a very personal figure.  We all have our… Continue Reading →

Costing vs Pricing – What is the difference?

Very quick ‘bloggette’ this week as we’re going to build on a few of these elements over the next few weeks – there’s some homework at the end! We often hear about Costing our products and the Price of our… Continue Reading →

Your creative business is a business!

If your creativity is your fulltime business or a hobby that enables you to treat yourself – if it is earning money it is a business! As such you need to start thinking with a little bit of a business… Continue Reading →

Top 5 reasons to have a business bank account

You may be thinking that it will ‘just be easier’ to use your current personal bank account to run your business through and that no one will really care.  I am here to give you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t… Continue Reading →

Positivity is my Super-Power!!

I am a SUPER positive person – I’m even happy first thing in the morning before coffee!! Was I always like this? – no. Is it easy? – no. How do I do it? I have taken the decision to… Continue Reading →

Using photo references – a moral dilemma!

I had a moral dilemma today. It tested the core of my personal beliefs. I needed two photo references for some art kits I’m developing, normally I always use my own photo references to avoid any copyright issues – as… Continue Reading →

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