Stage 6 – CEO of my own empire!

Ok that may be ‘bigging’ things up a little but actually that’s exactly where you’re at!!

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You’ve quit the day job, you are now a full time creative and it is absolutely in your gift as to how big you want your empire to be.

Invest in a Coach/Mentor

This stage builds on everything you’ve learnt whilst getting here and I would absolutely recommend continuing to ask for help, get a mentor and business coach if you haven’t got one already – they are great for advice and also for keeping you focused and accountable.

Understand your vision

Where do you want this to go and what will it feel like when you get there? 

This will ensure you keep focused on what/who your business is for and how it is serving you.


Collaborating with other business owners (creative businesses and non creative businesses) is a great way to learn more about running a business and can provide a wealth of advice, support and practical help too.


This is the stage where you should be working on those areas of the that only you can do, aim to outsource all other jobs over time – remember that outsourcing doesn’t abdicate responsibility, knowing your numbers is still absolutely vital!!

Share your knowledge!

Remember to keep reflecting on what you’ve achieved and maybe you can mentor another creative who is on this journey…

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Remember investing in yourself is incredibly important for both you and your business growth.

Be kind to yourself, keep learning and enjoy the journey!