I am a SUPER positive person – I’m even happy first thing in the morning before coffee!!

Was I always like this? – no. Is it easy? – no.

How do I do it? I have taken the decision to be consciously positive. (I can hear you groaning you know!!)

This is what happened and why it changed my life…

Way back in 2006 I suffered a period of depression – which naturally I completely denied, as you do. But it was depression, I felt like everything was in slow motion, an effort, all the colour drained out of the world.

It was not nice. I slept a lot.

One day a friend said an off the cuff comment: ‘how can anyone be sad – just look at that fly!’ I know. A fly. I personally thought she’d completely lost it.

However a bottle of wine later (no judgement here please!) I was staring intently at a fly… it was almost iridescent – the colours were beautiful…

If you can find beauty in a fly imagine where else you can find it!

It became a bit of an obsession – I’d be feeling low and I’d look around and see something, no matter how small or unassuming and I’d be amazed at its colour, or engineering or the way it moved.

Sometime later I realised I was no longer walking in treacle, the brain fog had cleared and I was looking forward to what I would find in each day!

That’s the power of a positive mindset – you will find all the things you think about, it’s your choice whether you think of weeds or flowers.

As creatives it’s so easy to get caught up in the views of other people, we doubt our work and the spiral of negativity begins.

When you feel that happening throw your arms in the air and say ‘Just look at that Fly!’

That act of doing something physical coupled with a distracting phrase will shock your brain into breaking the cycle – try it and let me know how you feel.

Be kind to yourself.

Su x

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